opening up.



i write and delete or write and contemplate what to share with the world and what to keep hiding. there are a million different times where i have said to myself that releasing some honestly will free me, but i always back down. for one, it is not anyone else s business what i struggle with on a daily basis or what i am up to. i like privacy. but i also feel like to overcome these recent obstacles i need to open up and share my story. not to mention there are so many people encountering the same everyday struggles and i want to lift those people up and tell them….you are not alone. and here is the first step. one blog post. it starts from here. i find myself gaining bravery by each word i type. i feel my self stand up taller and feel more confident as i sit and write the shortest blog post ever. but it is a start. a start to something i have had inside me all along. the words i’ve wanted to share. stay tuned.